MetaBeat Revenue Model

Auction Transaction Fee

When purchasing various NFTs through DROPS, users will use BEAT tokens to acquire the ownership of the NFT. When the winner of the auction settles the payment, a small transaction fee will be paid to the platform. However, there will be no transaction fee charged when participating in MINGLE.

NFT Holder Reward Settlement Fee

The NFT owners will receive proportionate rewards in BEAT tokens according to the terms and conditions specified by MetaBeat. All rewards are settled by the MetaBeat FANomance Index and a small fee is paid to the MetaBeat platform.

Reward & Staking Settlement Fee

Users can participate in multiple MINGLEs. When rewards are settled for each MINGLE, a portion will be paid to the platform and the remaining will be distributed to the participants. It shall be noted that the direct NFT ownership rewards will be bigger than the MINGLE rewards for the equal share on the same NFT.

Marketplace Transaction Fee (Maker & Taker)

All transactions on the marketplace pay small transaction fees to the platform. Whether it is a secondary trade on music NFTs or the sale of a newly minted NFT, both the Maker and the Taker will pay a small fee. It shall be noted that the fee rates may differ according to the transaction amounts. Also, different rates may apply to the Maker versus the Taker.

NFT Creator Fee

When NFTs are traded subsequently after the first sale, the distributions to rightful parties will be allocated and settled by the MetaBeat Settlement System according to terms previously specified. A small fee will be charged on the allocation settlements.

Allocation Settlement Fee = Sale Amount * Allocation % * Fee %

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