BEAT Token Use Case

(A) How is BEAT Token obtained?

  1. Earned as a staking reward from Community NFT ownership under the Hold & Stake feature

  2. Earned as a staking reward from MINGLE, by staking their BEAT tokens

  3. Earned as a reward from SHOUT OUT programs, by being actively involved in creating social media engagement

  4. Earned from selling NFT on MetaBeat Marketplace

  5. Buy from centralized exchanges

(B) What is BEAT Token used for?

  1. Purchasing Community NFT through auctions or through the MetaBeat Marketplace

  2. Staking under a MINGLE smart contract;

  3. Purchasing NFTs of favorite creators / artists (including from the MetaBeat Marketplace)

  4. Certain Voting Privileges related to community governance decisions in relation to the elections and proposals conducted on-chain. For the avoidance of doubt, the Token does not grant its holder voting rights concerning the management decisions of MetaBeat (including any decisions relating to the staking or Shout Out reward allocations) nor any rights to the profit or revenue of the Platform or MetaBeat;

  5. Transaction costs for minting NFT, buying/selling NFTs, and receiving rewards.

(C) Other Confirmations

  1. Tokens cannot be redeemed or sold to MetaBeat in exchange for fiat or other forms of cryptocurrencies.

  2. A holder of a Token, by virtue of owning a Token, will not have any direct or indirect ownership of the assets of MetaBeat.

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