[2023 Q1]

  • KPOP x NFT Drop and Minting

  • Marketing Partnership with Entertainment Partners

  • Joint marketing promotion with global marketing partner

  • Issuance and minting of special edition “Matty” NFT

  • Strengthen APP Integration & Security

  • In App Marketplace Update

  • FANomance Index Development

  • Single & Group NFT Product Release

  • New Product Settlement Engine Development

    (music content performance data + social data integration through FANomance Index)

  • CS tool function development

[2023 Q2]

  • Sign a contract with Neopin (subsidiary of NEOWIZ) to provide WEB3 wallet and BEAT token swap pool

  • Participation in “GLITCH” blockchain & NFT HACKATHON conference jointly held by Hana Securities

  • Sponsor a fan meeting involving KPOP artists from WM entertainment

  • KPOP global news channel beta service open

  • Marketing collaboration with WM entertainment KPOP artists for anniversary events

  • MetaBeat PC ver. Beta Launch

  • iOS Wallet Beta Service Launch

  • KPOP Global News Beta Service Launch

  • KYC/AML Approval Module Development and Upgrade

[2023 Q3]

  • Launch mini KPOP concert with DSP entertainment

  • Participation in global blockchain/NFT conference and proceed with partnership(s)

  • Aggregate collaborative development with global technology partners

  • Matty and Friends: Special NFT issuance event

  • Membership service open

  • MetaBeat PC ver. UI/UX Development & Upgrade

  • KPOP Chart Beta Service Launch

  • CA Wallet Upgrade

  • Messaging Service Beta Test

[2023 Q4 ~ 2024 Q1]

  • KPOP artist from RBW entertainment & MetaBeat's mascot "Matty" involved online concert

  • Launch offline event to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the release of MetaBeat App with KPOP artists

  • Online live video event with global pop artists to celebrate the on-chain integration

  • Collaboration with entertainment partners to commemorate the PC web version launch: KPOP artist fan meeting.

  • MetaBeat App iOS/AOS/PC Service Official Launch

  • Payment System Expansion

  • Open Market Development/Test (Lazy Minting)

  • NFT Ticket Service Development/Tests

  • Web3/DAO Service Model Integration

  • Voting System Open

[2024 Q2 ~ 2024 Q4]

  • Sponsor a fan event for WEB3 / DAO service official launch with KPOP & global pop artist

  • NFT TICKET service launch (NFT SALES / RENTAL)

  • Sign additional partnership contract with an music entertainment agency

  • Collaboration with entertainment partners to commemorate the PC web version launch: KPOP artist fan meeting

  • WEB3/DAO official launch

  • API development to integration external app platforms

  • API development to integrate DAO system

  • Work on adoption of messaging results analysis system

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