Token Ecosystem

BEAT Token:

MetaBeat token is a Polygon based utility token of the MetaBeat platform; a universal currency that can be used anywhere in the world. MetaBeat token empowers users to support and become ambassadors of creative projects and build active communities on the platform while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all stakeholders. The value of the MetaBeat token is driven both by the number of users and the engagement level of users.

(1) Creator/Artist

Creators or artists are the core of the MetaBeat content assets on the platform. By digitizing their music and projects into NFTs, they are able to invite their fans to become partners in their endeavors. For example, an artist is preparing a long-awaited album. They collaborate with Metabeat to represent parts of the project (for example, an album) in the form of Community NFTs and auction it off to their fans who wish to support and take part in such projects. When the album releases, they launch a SHOUT OUT marketing event with fans and host another Community NFT auction to raise support for holding a metaverse concert. Other creators may also create their own NFTs to be sold and traded on the Metabeat platform.

(2) Fan/User

Fans and users purchase Community NFTs or participate in MINGLE on the MetaBeat platform. They promote creators/artists they love through SHOUT OUT and receive rewards for their contributions. They support their artists through encouraging active promotion of artists and products and in turn enjoy a share of rewards for the success of the community that they support.

(3) Outside the Platform

MetaBeat will continue to expand the scope of the reward system to include more diverse user activities and contributions by linking with other platforms. Also, MetaBeat is closely collaborating with various creators in different areas, such as animation and broadcasting companies, to expand on NFT project content and will pursue to expand our collaborative partnerships even further. Additionally, we plan to produce our own 3D metaverse content based on meta-human and real-time rendering technology under a partnership with Omotion Inc., Ltd.

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