Todayโ€™s arts and music industry is more intricate and dynamic than ever, propelled by capitalism and technological development. As online communication and content consumption exploded, digital native K-pop music became a global trend and instituted massive global fandoms.
Leading K-pop producers are reshaping their business models and fastly adopting platform based models to stay competitive and provide a more progressive experience to the fans. Artists, fans, and fandom communities are striving to build a relationship-driven, value creating system focused on sharing and symbiosis.
The MetaBeat platform is an incentivization community platform powered by fan activities rewarded by a set criteria, the FANomance Index. Creators/artists and fans grow as partners through engagements and rewards on the MetaBeat platform.
The MetaBeat platform is built around NFT creations, participants, and rewards. With a growing number of NFT creations and users on the platform, the partnerships between creators/artists and fans strengthen through the positive experience of symbiosis fueled by the MetaBeat ecosystem that reflects values and contributions by users in the MetaBeat communities.
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